Are there really no (good) video games on Playstation VR 2?

Are there really no (good) games on Playstation VR 2?

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A well-known IGN editor regrets buying PSVR 2 because “there are not any games”. Is he right?

A tweet by video games journalist Ryan McCaffrey final week made waves in the VR community and beyond. The tweet has been considered about 1.8 million times.

I massively remorse the $597 (including tax) that I spent on the PSVR2.

I love great VR game experiences & I was so excited that Sony was doubling down w/a actually highly effective second-gen headset, but they burned me. There aren’t any games. It already feels lifeless. Look on the layer of dust!

— Ryan McCaffrey (@DMC_Ryan) August 8, 2023

Some pointed out that the Playstation Store has slightly below 70 PSVR 2 games listed.

Others that Sony has accomplished too little for the platform up to now. Horizon Call of the Mountain is the only first-party title for Playstation VR 2, and thus far, no others of that caliber have been announced. You can depend in your arms the number of third-party PSVR 2 exclusives like Switchback VR, Synapse, and Firewall Ultra (due out next week). Most titles are ports or already obtainable on other VR platforms.

Yes, there are good PSVR 2 games…

But all that doesn’t mean there aren’t good VR video games for Playstation VR 2. Titles like Red Matter 2, Synapse, or The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (to title a few) are quality games. Period.

When McCaffrey talks about “video games,” he is in all probability referring to AAA titles with huge names, like those found in the console gaming world. But as Digital Foundry editor John Linneman argued in a latest video, there are good PSVR 2 titles that don’t rely on massive names and are still fun to play.

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To say that there are no (good) games for PSVR 2 reveals nothing but ignorance. The fact that McCaffrey hasn’t even bothered to try any new titles, as evidenced by his picture of a dusty headset, confirms this.

Now, McCaffrey is not just anyone on the web. His opinion carries weight, and his dismissive message might have a negative impact on the trade, and for the incorrect reasons. It will certainly confirm the opinion of those avid gamers who are already skeptical about VR.

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The case jogs my memory of a controversial IGN opinion video on Baldur’s Gate 3, which was seemingly extra concerned with stirring the pot than providing context and delving deeper into an necessary topic.

…but they arrive with a steep entry price

That Sony is not doing more for Playstation VR 2 should not shock anyone: First-party titles with big budgets aren’t in the playing cards as a end result of the improvement costs could never be recouped. The install base is just too small for that.

Would a collection of high-profile VR video games help Playstation VR 2 break by way of and sell tens of millions of units at this point in time? I doubt it. Half-Life: Alyx didn’t convey an enormous inflow of players to PC VR and neither will any VR recreation from Sony to PSVR 2 on the present worth point and class of the technology.

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Virtual actuality has to grow organically and can’t be pushed into the mainstream with big investments alone. The language of virtual reality has to further evolve as much as the VR studios, the hardware, and the shoppers who should get used to the technology. This will take many years with gradual adoption. There are no shortcuts, and Sony understands this.

Playstation VR 2 is not dead, and it’s miles too early to draw any conclusions. More than 100 titles have been introduced and extra will comply with. Sony should and will do more.

But if you’re hoping for PSVR 2-exclusives like The Last of Us or God of War: Ragnarök, you may be disenchanted like McCaffrey.

Virtual actuality is usually costly and cumbersome in comparability with other types of entertainment. Ultimately, you are paying for a special kind of gaming expertise that you can’t get with flat gaming.

Whether there are (good) video games for PSVR 2 in the end is determined by whether or not you value the added immersion enough to justify the worth and friction, not on the quantity or high quality of VR games obtainable.

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