Victorians are still waiting for answers to simple questions on the Commonwealth Games

As far as Question Time questions go, it was a simple request — one with out the traditional political rhetoric designed to get a seize on the nightly information.

“When did the government first turn into conscious that it would have to cancel the Commonwealth Games?” Opposition Leader John Pesutto asked Deputy Premier Jacinta Allan on Tuesday.

The solely reply parliament got from Allan, who was the minister for the Commonwealth Games, was that Cabinet made the choice on a Monday afternoon and the basic public was informed the following day.

It was not the answer to an essential query.

Two weeks since the shock cancellation of the 2026 Commonwealth Games, Victorians are none the wiser about how a lot it goes to price to not hold the occasion.

Negotiations are ongoing about how a lot the state might need to cough up for breaking the contract.

“There might be a full update to the Victorian community as quickly as these negotiations have concluded. That is the suitable way to conduct these negotiations,” Allan advised parliament this week.

So how did we get here?

Ahead of last year’s state election, Premier Daniel Andrews spruiked Victoria landing the games as a giant win for the state, particularly the areas. It was going to cost $2.6 billion.

Fast forward simply 15 months and the worth tag for the former Empire Games was greater than $6 billion, the Premier said.

How the state got here to the $6 billion figure continues to be a mystery, with no documentation explaining the costings offered to the parliament or public.

By scrapping the video games, the federal government has additionally prevented meeting an immovable deadline for main development tasks.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews speaks at a press conference outdoors, he's with Jacinta Allan, Harriet Shing and Jeroen Weimar

The upper house cannot compel Daniel Andrews or Jacinta Allan to look before its inquiry.(AAP: James Ross)

Delivering the Games in lower than 4 years was going to be very troublesome, and it’s not onerous to imagine the embarrassment if stadiums and lodging weren’t prepared in time.

Many of the initiatives will nonetheless be constructed however with out the stress or further price of a rigid deadline.

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It begs the query, did Victoria dump the video games as a result of they could not be finished on time?

It’s simply certainly one of many questions that stay unanswered, and it isn’t simply the premier’s outspoken critics who are alarmed.

Victoria’s financial watchdog is investigating what the true price to taxpayers has been and what the state should still be answerable for. It’s additionally going to “assess the standard of relevant advice to authorities”.

“As the complete value of those actions to the state at present stays unknown, there’s a sturdy imperative for assessing this, and assuring the Parliament and the public that the government has acquired complete advice that has contributed to effectively estimating, managing and minimising these costs,” the Auditor-General’s Office said.

Every political celebration — aside from the federal government — needs to know too.

On Wednesday, the Coalition and an unlikely crossbench alliance from the Left and Right, the Greens and One Nation, all voted together to arrange an upper house inquiry into the scrapped games.

Not that there is any sign the premier or his deputy are planning to entrance it — nor can they be compelled, being lower house MPs.

The transient for the multi-party committee is to probe “the potential failures in governance, probity and procurement processes within the Victorian government’s bid, contract and termination of the 2026 Commonwealth Games”.

The inquiry will attempt to scrutinise government and division recommendation, and explore whether the public service was subject to “undue influence” from the premier and minister to make the Games occur, and then not occur.

The Senate can be going to scrutinise the cancellation, though has little power to name any Victorian official or politician.

They’re important questions, and may help remedy the most important unanswered question: How did the state get the initial cost so wrong?

Did the initial budget of $2.6 billion set up Victoria to fail?

Sources say the preliminary price ticket was primarily based on the Gold Coast Games in 2018, which cost $1.2 billion.

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But Victoria’s price range did not adequately account for the main duplication of services wanted to for multiple athletes’ villages and occasion sites.

The budget additionally did not account for safety and transport.

It was a significant failure for the government to do its homework.

It leads to another query: Was this budget rushed so the government had one thing to marketing campaign with in regional Victoria at the election?

Many Labor MPs say it was definitely an excellent asset to spruik in regional areas, but few are upset that the Games will not be held.

seating and part of green oval at eureka stadium in ballarat

The government would have solely had four years to build athletes’ villages and upgrade stadiums, together with Ballarat’s Eureka stadium.(ABC Ballarat: Lexie Jeuniewic )

If the $6 billion price blowout figure is to be believed, then the premier made a wise choice to cancel the Games.

Spending that a lot money while the state is trying to cope with ballooning debt – it is set to hit $171 billion in three years’ time – would have been reckless.

The premier stated cancelling the Games was not a troublesome determination. Sickness kept him away from parliament this week, but in his stead (and maybe in an audition for the future) his deputy caught to the line.

“The choice turned very clear. Six billion dollars – indeed, in excess of $6 billion – for a 12-day sporting event was simply an extreme quantity of,” Allan said.

But does anybody actually care concerning the Games?

There are loads of Victorians who are happy the Games will not go ahead. They think it’s a colossal waste of cash on an event that’s previous its use-by date.

On Friday, the Canadian province of Alberta withdrew from bidding to host the 2030 operating of the Commonwealth Games because of prohibitive price.

Pollster Roy Morgan performed a snap text survey of greater than 1,000 Victorians within the week the Victorian Games were cancelled.

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It discovered 58 per cent of voters said the decision to cancel was a ‘good thought’. The same poll additionally discovered support for the premier falling with his disapproval score hitting 55 per cent.

A large whale figure floats above the stadium while confetti and fireworks shoot out

The last time Australia pulled out the stops for the Commonwealth Games was on the Gold Coast in 2018.(ABC News: James Maasdorp)

Labor MPs say few of their constituents have raised any concerns with the choice. But privately many concede that the method that obtained Victoria into this mess has been flawed and embarrassing.

It’s not the Games itself which are the difficulty, it is the very fact the state has obtained itself into this mess, they lament.

Some of MPs say it’s an example of how the premier’s workplace ride roughshod over good processes to get a political outcome.

Throughout his 9 years as premier, Andrews has presented as a resolute, dedicated leader who leads a competent government that makes selections within the state’s interests, even if these decision are unpopular.

Pollsters say this chapter has begun to erode trust in his leadership and government.

It seems reckless and chaotic, especially at a time of financial stress on households and companies.

“It also opens up a Pandora’s Box on all of the state’s different cost blowouts,” one strategist famous. “People will now pay extra attention to the dire state of the budget.”

The debacle has given the opposition a problem Victorians can easily perceive and, with the parliamentary inquiry not as a outcome of report till April 2025, it gives the Coalition some much-needed ammunition.

From the chief down, Liberals are calling this a “turning level”. It may be wishful thinking and slightly premature, however for the first time in a long time there are widespread questions on government competence.

There are lots of questions that remain unanswered concerning the Games.

If the federal government needs to maintain its profitable streak going, it will need to make sure Victorians are happy with the answers they find.







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