10 Times Video Games ACTUALLY Saved The World


The gaming community is filled with compelling stories of real-life moments and life-and-death situations.
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Counter-Strike Saves 3 Local Kids In Phillipines








  1. I remember when I was being chased by another car and I threw out a turtle shell. Let's just say I never saw him again after that. Thank you Mario Kart. On a serious note. Video games saved me from boredom during the Lockdowns we had.

  2. Great job on the video! Have you considered playing the indie game "Poof'sKillergarten" from NevryCards and bringing some comedy to your channel? 😀

  3. I once came across a story on Reddit similar to mine. This one guy was contemplating suicide had the day marked and everything but Assassin's Creed saved his life, the day has come and gone and they didn't even notice. They ended up getting the Assassin's Creed logo tatted on them. I say similar to mine because the game that saved my life was State Of Decay 2

  4. Only number 3 and number 1 counts for the title. The rest are just feel good stories involving video games.

  5. Wouldn't the video game be the cause of the seizure for that British dude if it's the second time it's happened?

  6. Number 10 is a beautiful, heartwarming story. Number 1 will always be my favorite because to this day, gamers are still finding new ways to fold those enzyme proteins. They really helped in advancements made to the medical science community.

  7. The fact that the grenades were in a biscuit container in the Philippines is hilarious, because old Filipinos store random shit in biscuit containers all the time, like sewing supplies

  8. "The grenades were found in a biscuit container" non Caucasian grandparents disappointing kids since the invention of biscuit containers 😂😂😂

  9. And yet ANOTHER misleading title…how the fuck do you confuse saving the world with saving ONE person?!?!?!?!?!?

    "Saved The World" – starts the video with a girl helping an old fart get through a "tough time in his life"…….and continues with shit like saving a few animals…what the fuck?

  10. Skyrim of all games was the game that came out at one of the lowest points in my life (who didn't love high school/s) and really helped me escape to a world that felt so different and so magical, one where I could solve all the problems in time and do just that, take my time, enjoy the beauty of Skyrim and just be somewhere else. Minecraft is also a great game that just helps you escape and be in control and do anything you desire if you work for it.

  11. I don't know about norway but here in Finland it's very common knowledge even from a very young age that if a moose comes at you and you can't back out quick, you make a lot of noise and try to appear big(as big and threatning as you can to a goddamn moose). So yeah, taunting will do that. Have had a few war cry shouting matches with a moose myself. Which is not always the smartest thing to do, but that's what people were taught at least when I was a kid.


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