The Game Chasers – I Found An Abandoned Rental Store WITH GAMES!!


On a long drive to California, I went through this dusty old town in Arizona, and I see something we have always talked about but have never actually come across…until now..

retro games

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Intro and outro theme:

The Game Chasers are 2 friends hunting for retro video game in flea markets, garage sales, game stores and people’s homes! And they are a bunch chodes

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  1. Billy and Jay turned down a lucrative offer from a major TV network (History Channel, I believe?) because corporate heads wanted them to be more scripted and plant fake game finds—that's integrity right there. So if you think this was faked then you should probably rethink that logic.

    Even if that wasn't the case, how do you fake several layers of dust and dried up bird poop? Furthermore, why would you deface valuable games for the sake of that detail?

  2. The way you keep picking up boxes and throwing them back in the pidgeon poop, you must realy love these boxes…

  3. 12:20 The manuals are considerably newer than the games still there. Place was probably ransacked when Genesis and SNES games were worthless, around 2005 or so.

  4. Don't bash T2 side scroller. Except for a few driving portions, it is one of my favorite Genesis games. I had to help my Dad at cleaning up a house that was rented to a woman with cats that makes this rental store look pristine.

  5. Trespassing, break and enter, theft. Your defense I think the owners are dead so I'll take what I want. You're a criminal thief.

  6. First time ever seeing your channel. I can say i have discovered a 'find' on the same level as you! I am excited to watch your other videos! Great stuff.

  7. Yeah, thats abandoned like crazy, rescue it all!! Haha, such a shame. If only the pigeons didn't get in, that would have been a more insane score!! Edit: Finished, as a movie collector too, i was screaming to take some of those vhs haha, no value there, maybe not even salvageable. Damn, it looks pretty bad in there

  8. "I dont want to be breathing this stuff in" – spends the next 15min unnecessarily throwing things around and kicking up dust and feathers…

  9. You didn't like mortal kombat? Cause mahn you literally touched Mortal Kombat Trilogy for N64 and didnt pick it up. It was near Yoshy island


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