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Join Luke Williams, Lead Designer at Bossa Games, as he shares an early look at Lost Skies. Learn how you will craft and pilot your own skyships, explore floating islands, and set off on boundless adventure among the clouds!

Lost Skies is a cooperative survival adventure for 1–6 players set amongst the clouds, in a vast sky of floating islands. Find and craft ancient technology, build your own skyship, brave ferocious storms, and battle giant threats that await beyond the horizon.

Embark on an adventure through the remnants of ancient civilisations. Uncover the mystery of their downfall and employ their advanced technology to aid your journey. Navigate a shattered world ravaged by storms, revel in lands reclaimed by nature, and face the colossal beings still roaming the skies that brought about humanity’s destruction.

With a vast world to explore, you’ll need to build your own skyship to navigate the open skies. Lost Skies’ unique ship crafting system allows you to intricately shape your ship’s hull, and freely place parts where you want, taking care to consider the quality and weight of the materials you use. Not only is your skyship your home in the clouds, it is also your warship to take into battle and survive treacherous weather.

Flow effortlessly through the skies’ broken landscapes with a physics-based grappling hook. Climb, glide, and fly as you use your own creativity for both traversal and dynamic combat. Enter a seamless world where you are free to travel to any landmark you can see on the horizon.

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  1. Glad to hear to the storm wall is back but I do hope you expand the co-op experience into pvp that supports 50 players for example.
    I don't need an MMO but having interactions with other players and their ships was one of the main things that drew to worlds adrift.

  2. i still have 0 hours in those stupid bread/surgeon games you gave me after not refunding me for WA. I'm expecting a discount at the very least for this copy/paste job. A big discount. Like a 100% discount.

  3. Oh boi i just loved worlds adrift still in my top5 most Played games
    I would love all pvp and all players on one Server like in wa in lost skies too
    That added a lot of challenge and exitement to the game

  4. I played Worlds Adrift when it was out back then…really loved the chilling atmosphere of the game. I am so hyped for this one!!!

  5. What would be really nice amd help Bossa save face after abandoning Worlds adrift would be to Re-OPEN the WA servers for old fan who still have the old game.

  6. oh my god! can't begin to describe how i excited i am! Worlds Adrift was by far my favorite game ever.. can't wait for this.

  7. I hope people that bought worlds adrift get at least a discount on this game, that is if we don't get it for free entirely

  8. Please give an open world PVP full-loot gameplay mode/loop! Open world PVP is ESSENTIAL to this game its feel of 3 Dimensional wilderness with proper pirates. Obviously have the 6 player co-op also.

  9. Even though I love worlds adrift. And have been waiting for a game like it. Bossa will never get another penny of my money.

  10. Loved Worlds Adrift as a concept, but those devs will not get my money.
    They sold Worlds Adrift and even founders packs to it, then scrapped it and offered 0 refunds. We can't even play it locally or on hosted servers. Just no. Lost money. I paid for a game that I don't have.
    So either they give free copy of Lost Skies to everyone who bought Worlds Adrift, or I will simply avoid them.
    Cool idea, too bad it's the same management.

  11. Yes! A thousand times YES! I loved Worlds Adrift, and I've wanted something like it ever since it shut down! YES YES YESSSS!

  12. So single or co-op player open world game and we can make our own servers… please let tie in the island creator and allow mods! then this will be what the World Adrift community asked for at the end of WA's life which was an amazing game ruined by the Toxic PVP crowd (Join or Die) and horrible game/server performance.

  13. I LOVED WORLDS ADRIFT! IT HAS TO BE AN MMO! , stop making these small coop projects. Nothing beats the thrill of seeing another player's ship far in the distance.

  14. I cannot tell you how excited I am. For all of the hurdles that Worlds Adrift had to deal with, there was so, so much that it did right. The grappling, for one, was the best mobility system of any game ever. The controls, the sense of momentum, everything was perfect.
    I came in with a jaded eye, but everything that I'm reading is raising my bpm. Worlds Adrift reborn, reimagined as a PVE game, keeping all the core elements that made it great and building on top of it. I'm just so excited.

  15. I loved Worlds Adrift and I'm thrilled you are bringing back the concept! 1-6 player coop is perfect, the exportation and resource collection plus the ship building was always the best part of the game and I can't wait to jump in.

  16. As someone with the highest tier pack for Worlds Adrift im really excited to see a new take on this concept and even though there was a big Multiplayer PvP scene to Worlds Adrift i never really participated in it. The only thing i will be missing is coming to a challange in Worlds Adrift the Sandwalls i couldn't beat by myselfe and finding other ppl to share my blueprints and resources in order to craft a ship together beat the Wall and part after. Never have i cooperated and coordinated with strangers to such a degree for such a short time without it ever feeling strange

  17. I miss World's Adrift so much! This game looks like it will be a lot of fun but I really can't wait till you bring back the epic ship to ship battles. Some of the most fun I've had in gaming for the past decade was in worlds adrift.

  18. The long lost dream returns!
    I do hope the back end will be able to handle the game this time. I had so much fun in Worlds Adrift and hope to have even more Lost Skies.

  19. I am beyond excited for this! The new Zelda just released this last week, and while I'm loving it, I am honestly *more excited* for this Lost Skies news!

  20. I wish I could issue 1000 thumbs down after what you did to the Worlds Adrift community.
    Now you have the audacity to release a PVE only version that is restricted to just 6 players on servers that we have to host ourselves?
    No thank you.


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