JDG vs T1 – Game 5 | upper Semi Final LoL MSI 2023 Main Stage | JD Gaming vs T1 G5 full game


upper bracket semi final MSI 2023 T1 vs JDG G5 Lol eSports Mid-Season Invitational 2023 – T1 vs JD Gaming Game 5. MSI 2023 T1 vs JDG VOD.
2023 MSI full playlist: https://bit.ly/3p1puSX
League of Legends Season 13 Mid-Season Invitational in London.
Fifth game of the day – JD Gaming vs T1 vs best of 5 Game 5. JDG vs T1 G5.

JD Gaming Line-up:
369 – Top Gragas
Kanavi – Jungle Sejuani
knight – Mid sylas
Ruler – ADC Jinx
Missing – Support Rakan

T1 Line-up:
Zeus – Top Gwen
Oner – Jungle Maokai
Faker – Mid Nautilus
Gumayusi – ADC Aphelios
Keria – Support Lulu

Patch: 13.8 – Season 13 (Yuumi and Milio disabled)
Game date: 18.05.2023 | 05/18/2023 | May 18th 2023
Game place: London, UK
Casters: Azael, Cronicler and Atlus

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2023 MSI Main Bracket playlist: https://bit.ly/42PrDzJ
2023 MSI Play-In playlist: https://bit.ly/41UnWJ2
2023 MSI full playlist: https://bit.ly/3p1puSX

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  1. 19:10 So funny when T1 thought they win this fight and then they insta lost the game
    Muy gracioso cuando T1 pensaba haber ganado la pelea y de pronto insta pierden la partida

  2. Just going to say it guys, Faker was the weak link. Faker on Naut is not it. He sacrifices so much damage just to throw team fights and disrespect.

  3. Coming straight from watching Worlds, Faker gets caught out alot. Not very impressive for the unkillable "demon king"… must be getting old.

    EDIT: Wow. Faker is one of the worst players I've watched in a long while.

  4. Man that was such a massive throw by Faker. Oner was on his way back, they could have tried stalling it more and instead taking a fight when JDG was grouped inside the pit. Just straight up 4v5 engaging like that makes no sense.

  5. Best series so far in msi, such high competitive play, cant help but feel jdg edged the series out with better draft and team comp in the end.

  6. Lmfao all these bronze rank morons in the comment section criticizing decision making. You guys should probably look at your own gameplay before t1s

  7. T1 not banning gragas, and kept taking naut, i know hes pretty good mid, but my boy faker man, hes not your thing, or at least not against jdg, ggs to jdg hope to see ruler keep on truckin

  8. faker is fck things up by constantly hitting his head with nautilus. It doesn't WORK why keep doing the same pick over and over again expecting a different result…


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