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  1. Here is how I view the classes in destiny
    Titans: thor
    Warlock: Loki
    Hunters: hawk eye
    Unironically warlocks fit the bill.

  2. Titans are for noobs. This class is literally broken. I can't wait for the barricade and arc nerfs. Tired of all those pussies not capable to assume a duel and needing to cover them constantly.

  3. BTW, I play all 3 classes and did all 3 for the bright dust. When I played Titan or Warlock, yellows and champs were always finished with an emote. Hunters??? Not a single platinum run!
    One hunter went in with a sword!!! Killt them all!! Never focused on tank but balls to the wall and dead, dead, dead. Are Hunters dumb or just don't know how to get high scores?

  4. There's two types of warlock, there's the hardcore ones who wanna own every title and every god roll no matter what, then there's me who plays the first mission of the event to get one scout rifle and stops till next season

  5. Honestly I doubt that Bungie isn’t pulling all the strings for guardian games anyway. I think guardian games is always going to have the classes winning in a cycle.

    2020 was titans, 2021 was hunters, 2022 was warlocks. Now it isn’t impossible for those results to happen naturally, but it’s way too convenient. We’ll have to see how things pan out for the next two years, cause if it happens again, then guardian games isn’t truly a competition

  6. Exploiting a cheese is not cheating. If bungie leaves an unknown unintended bug in the game and some finds it that doesnt make them a cheater. Also who cares! You get absolutley nothing for being first.

  7. I play warlock and I don’t care about guardian games, just because one person cheated that played warlock doesn’t make all warlocks want to win by any means necessary

  8. A lot of people in the comments didn't even pay attention to the video.
    Nowhere in the Tweet it says that it's about Warlock.
    It literally just says "Team of Players" and is never specified.

    Lucky just assumed it's about Warlocks and everyone just blindly believed him…

  9. funny how hunters never tried this you'd think they would but haven't, also nice to see that hunters can't be accused imo since they haven't been 1st at all since this event started lmao XD ^^;

  10. Are they talking about glitch, where you can turn in medals constantly. That glitch seems to happened every guardian games season. Thats on bungie, not them

  11. Poor little Titans, hating on Warlocks. The Titans had a substantial lead in the games, from the very beginning. Why all the worry? Truth be told, I think the Titans did their own cheats, but haven't been caught. Point to ponder.

  12. as a warlock main, though i am only one man in the thousands of warlock mains, i just couldn't give two fucks about GG tbh. even with very good rewards on the line, in which case sure, i will try it, i don't see the point in actually taking this seriously in the slightest. like just play the event, raise money for the charity event that is going on atm and move on. there is no point in fighting over "class superiorities" with the other ,"inferior-to-the-superior-class", class. and either way, when does an event like this not have exploiters in the mix in the first place. we saw that on Y1 of GG with titans, and we will certainly still see it again in the future.

  13. I mean, they are warlocks 😂, when in history have you ever been able to trust a "Oathbreaker" 😂 the comp is going to have banter much more than usual between the 3 classes, its all fun and games, but to cheat to win should be an embarrassment. Congrats Titans on this year's games, we Hunters did our best.

  14. 😂😂😂 so bungie is just gonna start banning everything and everyone for a dumbass exploit that's only possible because they didn't fix it, and also doesn't surprise me fucking warlocks have done this half of them are genuine retards invitie them for the well and kick them from your fire team when the job is done

  15. Warlocks should win come on man we are the ones preventing people/guardians from dying every single time for my case 7 years straight no cap.😡

  16. Think one of them was in a lobby with me a couple days ago. They kept spamming turning in their medals at the tower extremely fast for a couple minutes

  17. Bungie bans warlocks for cheesing

    Yet thinks it was ok when titans cheesed year 1 of guardian games

    This proves bungie has Titan bias
    I mean just look at pvp can’t go one game without getting a full team of arc titans

  18. I still think it is rigged. Bungie has always messed with the numbers. They tell you in the Twab back in April 17, 2021.
    I think that the titans will win this year because of the passing of our beloved Lance.

  19. Warlocks: least players in the community
    Also warlocks: people actually care about this shit?
    Let’s face it, everytime GG comes around, warlock flee from the game cuz there is no way for you to enjoy the game during this time. Me for example,went to FFXIV, Gundam Evo, minecraft and a few other games. Bungie please scrap this event. It’s not fun, it’s meaningless and it only feels like a big joke to “inspire competition” and those who keep buying the event cards, you’re part of the problem and why Destiny is in the state it is.


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