Apple’s blended reality headset may offer video games after all


Apple’s mixed reality headset might offer games after all

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App Store chief Phil Schiller has reportedly pushed for Apple’s combined actuality headset to have a strong gaming component.

Last weekend, Bloomberg reported on the intensive list of Apple executives who were and are involved in the development of the rumored mixed actuality headset. It additionally described their roles and affect on the device.

The part on Phil Schiller is particularly fascinating. Schiller has been a member of the manager team since 1997, was Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, and is presently answerable for the App Store and Apple Events. According to the Bloomberg report, Schiller is responsible for the launch event of the device. In phrases of software program, he has been pushing for gaming content.

“Schiller, identified to have a VR automotive racing rig at residence, pushed for the gadget to have a strong gaming component, particularly through third-party apps, an space he oversees,” the report says.

Apple XR and gaming: lots of questions and contradictions

There have been conflicting reports about how a lot Apple will give consideration to gaming. One time it was mentioned that the device would have a strong give consideration to gaming, another time that gaming wouldn’t matter at all.

The stories are inconsistent in that the headset will come without a dedicated VR controller and will be controlled primarily via hand tracking. The overwhelming majority of VR games require VR controllers, with exceptions proving the rule somewhat than disproving it. The query then is what sort of games Apple may need up its sleeve for the launch.

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Phil Schiller guarantees a “robust gaming element by way of 3rd get together apps” at launch. To my data, none of my friends in VR trade have been contacted by Apple, so do they imply 2D games? Junky AR apps? What are they talking about here exactly?

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— Denny Unger @Cloudhead (@DennyCloudhead) May 22, 2023

The well-connected Denny Unger, CEO of VR studio Cloudhead Games, is skeptical of the report, saying on Twitter that so far as he knows, none of his colleagues have been contacted by Apple. He additionally points to rumors that the combined reality headset won’t help Unity or the Unreal Engine.

The Apple headset will reportedly be unveiled on June 5 at the company’s WWDC developer convention. If that is indeed the case, we are going to know in two weeks what type of games Apple has ready for the launch.

You can learn all other rumors in our article about Apple’s XR headset.


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