Horizon Call of the Mountain – Ozzy Osbourne vs. Stormbird | PS VR2 Games



  1. 1. He's not that coherent
    2. He don't sound like that
    3. Sharrrroooonnnn….wrong
    4. Why you got the prince of darkness hocking vr
    5. He don't look like that either….
    They might as well just te.l us it was a avatar of ozzy.

  2. Sin duda el mejor comercial que he visto en mi vida conbinan 2 de mis paciones favorias, el rock y los videojuegos…❤️

  3. For those of you who are surprised by Ozzy advertising for a Sony product, he's been signed by Epic Records for years. Epic Records is owned by Sony. Nuff said.

  4. – Pentile screen
    – Fresnel lenses
    – Chromatic aberration
    – Image ghosting
    – No backward compatibility
    – No built-in sound so you have to use the crummy earbuds or your own headphones
    – Behind tracking still works poorly

    $549? HA! I'll stick with PSVR1 on PS5. Looks clear, performs well, and has WAY more games.

  5. Я думал 2 бабушек показывают )))) название не читал, а в конце понял что это охи озбарн.

  6. how much falsehood in this world. but according to you HE starts playing the idiot with virtual reality at his age.


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