Gran Turismo 7 – Feb Update | PS5 & PS VR2 Games



  1. I kinda wish that you had the option to change steering wheels because imagine u make an absolute Supra beast and your wheel is the stock wheel

  2. We need better cars fr. Plaid model Tesla, new demon charger, challenger, and Durango, and trackhawk jeep for starters plzzzzz

  3. The new Grand Valley is total garbage. They took the scenery that we're all nostalgic for and replaced it with a soulless dust-bowl. What a joke.

  4. Heads up to anyone thinking that gt7 is blurry in VR. It was blurry for me for days, and I'm like "let me try my kids' mother's glasses" and hold and behold, super clear. So, to all those thinking that Sony lied about the VR headset resolution quality, you are wrong. You need your eyes checked. Just as I need mine checked. Shout out to the random commenter in another video that suggested to people to check their eyes/vision.
    Fast regularly, consume mostly raw fruit/veggies, stay away from the phone/social media for a while and your eyes should be fixed. I should take my own advice. My point is to try other ways to fix your vision before getting glasses.
    But if you already have gt7 psvr2 or getting iy soon then better go check your vision and get prescription glasses, as the fixing the vision with the other ways I mentioned takes time, patience, determination, discipline.

  5. I love this game but the thing I don’t like is looking for lobbies I want official class races I don’t like looking for races and there’s very custom to the host.

  6. Any news on new Music Rally courses? I really enjoyed that feature and it's a shame it hasn't been supported at all since launch.

  7. Stopped playing a few months ago, can we sell cars yet or are we still waiting for features that GT had since the 90's?

  8. PSVR will be "the default" of PlayStation, aside from controller of course, in the near future.

    It's a "revolution"!

  9. Can anyone help? On cornering in GT7 VR2 the visual screen goes black with gridded green lines, does anyone know why?


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