5 Upcoming Games That Will Probably Be DEAD ON ARRIVAL


It goes without saying that we want every game we play to be good, but that obviously has never been and will never be the case. And though often the disappointing nature of certain releases can take us by surprise, other times, you can smell that disappointment from a mile away.

Either because of shaky development cycles or poor pre-launch gameplay showings or any number of other factors, some games end up making people more than a little skeptical. 2023 has plenty of games lined up that are looking excellent, but at the same time, it has also has a few of those that have sparked that skepticism in a lot of people.

Though we’d obviously like to be proven wrong on every single count, here, we’re going to take a look at five games set to release this year that, based on the things we know about them so far, are looking like they’re going to disappoint plenty of people.

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  1. I’m pretty optimistic if Skull and Bones and ExoPrimal. And I think Suicide Squad will sell well despite the fact that it’s not what any of us wanted.

  2. Since Suicide Squad will have been built as a live service from the ground up it can't be rescued now no matter how much they delay it due to "fan feedback". They'd have to start the game from scratch. Way to kill all that Arkham goodwill you'd earned, Rocksteady.😂

  3. If it even gets released since people keep whining suicide squad won’t be dead on release it’s a damn IP project of probably the second biggest adult centered team ever (second to Deadpool)

  4. The suicide squad game sounds like a cool idea. But the gameplay is trash. Literally just flying around for all of the characters. And lights everywhere lights lights lights

  5. …why would anyone be excited about a game where you murder the Superheroes from your childhood. That's a hard pass from me just on the premise.

  6. Lol the division should never ever be mentioned in the same breadth as The Last of Us. EVER.

  7. Come onnnn give exoprimal a chance 🥲 i tried the beta it was as hell, especially the anomaly swarm events like the raptors falling from the top of the building and the ptersnodon swarm that comes with a crashing plane, i really want exoprimal ti survive lol

  8. Can't wait to watch the show of people crying after they buy Gotham nights 2.0 just renamed , SS pays the justice league

  9. Exoprimal doesnt look like its supposed to be dino crisis or monster hunter, it looks more like a lost planet 1/2 spiritual successor to me and Im 100% down for that

  10. As someone who played a tech test last month for skull and bones without breaking my nda all I'm gonna say is don't buy it I completely lost all interest after that

  11. I was able to play Exoprimal tonight and actually..it was really fun. People need to stop comparing Dino Crisis, or saying “we wanted Dino Crisis”

  12. Suicide Squad… live service? Co-op focus???

    Also never heard about Exoprimal but it looks lame and uninspired as heck. Giant Enemy Crab award.

  13. This is dumb. Exoprimal a new ip and not what we wanted so it going to be bad smh. I hate people that think like this.

  14. Man, I remember being excited at Rocksteady making a Suicide squad game… now it isn't even on my radar, especially with all the other games coming out, or are already out.

  15. My concerns with exo primal is the fact it looks like anthem to the point I thought it was a anthem 2.0 with dinosaurs

  16. Exoprimal looks like fun for me a least. I’m waiting for EDF6 but like to play this while waiting for EDF6.

  17. Once Rocksteady showed the live service features on the game I completely understood, they truly are… The Suicide Squad

  18. How many times do we have to see greedy monetization tactics cause a game to LOSE money? We see it as consumers, so how absolutely braindead do you have to be to think it'll work? It would actually be better for the company and for the gaming industry in general if suggesting live service elements and battle passes got you fired on the spot

  19. Suicide squad was my most anticipated game of the year until they announced a live service. Really sad that these greedy devs and pubs keep throwing away these great IPs. Fuck live service games.


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