10 Lost & Cut Content From Games Discovered By Fans


Some games are absolutely enormous and filled with places to explore…but what about the stuff the developers left on the cutting room floor?
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0:15 Number 10
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2:31 Number 8
3:30 Number 7
4:44 Number 6
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7:27 Number 3
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10. Halo 3 – The Guardian Forest


9. Dark Souls 3 – Gods Grave


8. Mass Effect – Caleston


7. Symphony of the Night – The Underground Garden


6. Deus Ex – The White House


https://www.moddb.com/mods/nihilum – contains white house mission

5. Star Wars: Knights of the old republic 2 – The HK Factory



4. God of War 2 – The lost levels


3. Metal Gear Solid 5 – The Kingdom of the Flies


2. Demon’s Souls – The 6th archstone



1. Final Fantasy 15 – All of Niflheim



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efGuKStT3so&t=1s – Niflheim

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK996Z6WKLA – Insomnia

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  1. what I find amazing is how much cut content is often times still in the game, Seems like they would not leave those files in there at all during optimization. Which makes me think cut content often contains assets recycled elsewhere and from a logistics angle its easier to just leave the stuff there and disconnect anything that could send a player there rather than maybe rebuild whole database trees.

  2. Could probably do a Part 2 of this, surprised Skyrim didn't get mentioned. There's so much cut content that they used it in mods, but also to expand the map into whole new game areas.

  3. Yep FFXV first half was great but as soon as you get on that train that's basically it for open world as it's all linear after that. Real shame because from the first half of it you know they put some real effort in and just winged the rest. Deadlines in the industry are so annoying and personally I would favour scrapping them if it meant getting a product that actually works and maintains it's quality throughout.

    In a world of instant digital downloads deadlines just don't make any sense anymore as they were a deadline set for the physical media production whereas now they can just say it will be released when its ready and people wouldn't mind as much as they mind getting a broken product on day one that then takes 6 months to years to put right.

    As for MGS 5 Phantom Pain. Ugh what a s*itshow that turned out to be. After about 2-3 hours you realize that everything is cut and paste and as you progress less and less of it makes any sense as you can tell that during production Kojima was removed and it was continued by Konami who brought us Metal Gear Survive (lol) so the talent just wasn't there anymore and it certainly shows.

  4. Final Fantasy XV will always have that empty void in my heart that will never get filled I really wanted to see the Happy ending. Wish they would just work on the rest of the game and just release it calling it FFXV 1.5 or something

  5. Final Fantasy XV being incomplete is such a bummer. After all that wait and we got a portion of the game, with no hope of seeing it. I hope FFXVI is a complete and good experience.

  6. Everytime I click on a gameranx video, I pray and wait to hear the voice to see if its Falcon. This is not to say I don't care about Jake, but Falcon's voice is just so great!

  7. MGSV already had child soldiers and would not let you fatally attack them. You could however stun/knock them out and airship them out LOL

  8. They actually brought back the `stomach mouth yeti` they just shaved him a bit and gave him a bowl to play with…..

  9. The "stomach mouth yeti" guy you were talking about in the cut Demon's Souls content was definitely direct inspiration for the Fire Giant boss in Elden Ring, like straight up in his second phase.

  10. Oh wow I did not know that basically the entire second part of Final fantasy was cut I literally thought I missed a crucial side quest or something when the game got to the train part and then just felt hella rushed and like it was on a fast forward setting I thought I got the bad ending 🤣

  11. That's actually not true about SotN. The XBox Live Arcade release of Symphony of the Night had the Underground Garden, I remember playing through it when I still had a 360, and I've never owned a Saturn in my life. It was definitely an eye-opener I remember because my original copy is on PSOne, which as you mentioned doesn't have it. For some reason Sony decided to release the Saturn version on the marketplace. Whether it's still there or not I have no idea.

  12. MGSV and FFXV were both games that felt unfinished… it's such a sad thing that we could have had some awesome games… FFXV in particular felt so rushed, and the 'ending' of MGSV and FFXV were both strange… but MGSV only explained one thing for people who had no idea about what happened if you hadn't played the classics or at least some lore reading.


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