Tekken 8 – Kazuya Gameplay Trailer | PS5 Games



  1. Why cant Tekken make the supermoves like mk11. And have brutality fitality. Stuff like that would spike the game up by alot.

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  3. I would like to comment on the failure of Tekken 7 and the success of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Take an example and don't include characters that already exist as DLC, thanks 😀

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  5. Im not really fan of the too much visual effects on hits tho, i liked it more in tekken 5 or even 6 where they were subtle.

  6. Do you guys think that fighters are even fun now?? Its soo complicated and people have mastered it soo much that it almost seems demotivating

  7. Please add the brutal and powerful music. Starting tekken 6 there are mostly tasteless music tracks. Please check the music in tekken 3 and tekken 5. Why do you add this generic, faceless electro re is no character behind that track.
    And I hope you will return conventional replays of finishing moves and remove xray/fatality/finishers.
    With all the love and respect to the team of creators❤

  8. As a Heihachi main, I like that he doesn't need this devil BS to be a total badass. Easily the best fighter in the Mishima family.


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