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Eternal Darkness screenshot

Eternal Darkness – what would a Nintendo made horror game be like? (pic: Nintendo)

A reader imagines what would occur if Nintendo began making adult-orientated video games, corresponding to first individual shooters and survival horror.

I don’t suppose it would be an excessive amount of of a stretch to say that Nintendo is probably the most extremely revered online game developer in the world and have been for no less than the last 40 years. Other studios come and go and most fashionable ones only put out a brand new recreation each five years or so – so good luck wanting forwards to The Last Of Us Part 3, considering Naughty Dog has two new games to make earlier than that.

There are many things that distinguish Nintendo from other builders but one of many less appreciated is how they deal with any and every genre going. Rather than just making platformers they’ve carried out every little thing from sports sims to fighters to technique games and role-players. However, there’s one factor that connects them all: they’re all family friendly.

I do not say this as criticism nevertheless it does put a limit on what they’ll do and implies that that good outdated Nintendo magic has never been worked upon survival horrors, first particular person shooters, or anything with a serious storyline. The causes as to why are obvious but my hope is that in the future they’ll change their thoughts.

Before you accuse me of fooling around it’s value mentioning that Nintendo has dabbled with these kind of concepts before. It published survival horror Eternal Darkness as a first celebration Nintendo game and is solely answerable for Bayonetta still being a thing, with each making it into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. They also organised a remake of Metal Gear Solid, as well as relatively serious action games like Geist and Disaster: Day Of Crisis.

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The thing with all these video games though is that while Nintendo printed them they didn’t make them and, excluding Bayonetta, it’s apparent all of them would’ve been significantly better if they did. But Nintendo themselves don’t make that sort of sport and I think that’s a real shame.

My suggestion then is simple: set-up an adults solely label for video games which are mature rated and clearly made for youths after which enable Nintendo’s developers to go wild. It’d should be brand new franchises, no person desires to see GTA: Mushroom Kingdom, but that’s even better as far as I’m concerned.

Perhaps they might make a sequel to Eternal Darkness, I think that might be fascinating, but what a few practical first person shooter that performed in addition to Splatoon? Or a extra severe preventing game by the same team behind Smash Bros., that didn’t characteristic mascot characters (although the Fire Emblem forged would possibly work).

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Or a Zelda type recreation but with a extra sensible setting, even if it’s nonetheless fantasy, with a correct and sophisticated story. What would a Nintendo take on a Sony formula third particular person motion adventure be like? No sad dads hopefully, however think about a serious post-apocalyptic sport made to the same quality as Zelda or Metroid.

I guess the most serious an inner Nintendo developer ever gets is Monolith Soft’s Xenoblade games, though they’re still pretty cartoonish even by role-playing standards. But what if they did something that was a bit extra sensible, maybe taking inspiration from Fallout or Mass Effect?

The potentialities are countless and while I even have no actual hope of it ever occurring, I hope one day I’m proven mistaken. As games enchantment to more and more individuals Nintendo might realise that they’re truly lacking out on a major audience and as lengthy as they suppose they’ll keep the video games out of the reach of kids I suppose their builders would jump on the chance.

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It could be like when Disney set up Touchstone Pictures to publish less family pleasant motion pictures, so it’s not like companies haven’t accomplished this sort of factor before. It’s only a dream of mine however I thought I’d share it.

By reader Goodspeed

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