5 Times Fortnite Copied Other Games…


Here are 5 times Fortnite copied other games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, Among Us & more!
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  1. Do you know Kobe not the games the shield you copy the shield and he didn’t copy your mongers because why in Fortnite have a Mangus well you could do a P early party first day he only thing the game is over here anything in Fortnite he only thing is a banner you don’t

  2. Nah I feel like Apex made sliding popular due to how fast it was and being how Apex Legends came before MW 2019 which that game had the sliding mechanic and better movement than MW2022

  3. What do you reboot vans? You don’t even have to say that because almost every good game has that

  4. You can’t just create a game with a WELL KNOWN MECHANIC and say the first game CLAIMED that WELL KNOWN MECHANIC dumbass


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