Top 15 BEST PS5 GAMES You Can Play in 2023


Top 15 BEST PS5 GAMES Available Now
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Top 15 BEST PS5 GAMES You Can Play in 2023

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  1. (I Need Some Advice) I Have all Systems.

    After finishing Hogwarts Legacy 100% I'm finding it hard to find another Game worth playing.
    H.L. is the first game in a long time that I fully enjoyed and actually finished. I have no clue what to play next that could even come close to what H.L. offered.

  2. I have just finished Ghost and absolutely loved it! Have now just started 2018 God of War but really don't like it. Not a fan of the clunky combat style at all. Any suggestions on my next game?

  3. U said in the start games that are exclusive on ps5 games u mention about 3 or 4 remakes that where on ps3 or ps4 dude

  4. That horizon game might be good in all but youre missing one thing… the main character is a chick dude. Im
    Not playing as a chick

  5. GOW was great ! and now I'm playing Ghost of Tsushima "directors cut" and it is really good. Next will be Ratchet and Clank 🙂

  6. You forgot about hogwarts legacy that game was just released a month ago and its storyline is super immersive and entertaining!!

  7. No longer making cop op games it looks like. Since covid the game have been mediocre at best. The hype for these games is great but the games itself have all been a disappointment

  8. I managed to buy a ps5 yesterday and I wanted to buy GOW Ragnärok but I didn’t think about other games and I’m actually new to the dual sense controller so I just wanted to see other games and I clicked on this video, and by seeing your video, I got to know that there are many games that I can play and I’m sure that I’ll play atleast some of these games and tysm for making a video ❤

  9. Eldin Ring was also Goty.. but my bet is that for this new 2023 … Resi 4 remake will take the cake… and eat it too


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