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  1. With all your sugggestions a part 2 is imminent!!! Of course, first I wanna handle the inverse – games that take/sample/steal songs! So look out for that one!

  2. Luigi's Mansion isn't the first time. Pokemon is.
    Even more meta, cause you find people playing GameBoy, while you're playing the game on the GameBoy, and they're using the Link cable.

  3. "One Way" by Wiz Khalifa samples the 4th overworld theme from Kirby's Adventure. It's actually a good sample to work off.

  4. Can anyone help me out here. Awhile back I was stoned out of my mind and I'm pretty sure I heard what was a kid Cudi song and it sampled the music from the first level of sonic the hedgehog I tripping or does it exist ?

  5. there's a band called "Horse The Band" and their genre is "Nintendocore". They have a song called "The Failure of All Things" that literally takes a piece from the original Super Mario Bros, the little jingle that plays when time's running out before speeding up the music.

  6. Issues by don toliver I think samples galaga. There is a couple songs on the Donny Womack album. That is the only one i can think of off the top of my head.

  7. flying monkeys by Jay stone.
    song is littered with sonic coins, hadukens and all that good stuff.
    i lalalove it you wont be dissapointed

  8. @RelaxAlax I liked and subscribed. What you are showing here is kind of dangerous. Source: I streamed a karaoke show and worked on karaoke software for 13 years, pretty much got a PHD in music licensing from the experience. To date, we're pretty lucky, doesn't seem like video game companies are copyrighting their game music. It also seems like the major license fee collectors (ASCAP/BMI/SESAC) aren't interested in bringing the likes of Nintendo to the table. I think I have a theory on that…

    The main stickler here is Video games would be considered a "Sync" license, meaning music is synced to moving pictures (like a movie) If Game companies suddenly did follow a licensing model that music companies do, then the artist (or artists) that composed the music gets a mechanical royalty. Mechanical licenses spawned from the old time player piano reels (You get x amount for every paper roll sale) The artist (or artists) that actually play the music, get a compulsory royalty (Your music helped sell my game, I am compelled to give you a cut) Companies that use the music are compelled to pay each band member or composer individually in a sync license based on a general agreement of who created what percentage of a song. It gets really messy.

    A landmark case for used samples is "Can't touch this" by MC Hammer, which used a bassline from Rick James Superfreak. I'm not even sure if that went to a case, I believe MC Hammer just voluntarily sent Rick checks. Definitely Vanilla Ice was compelled by a court to pay David Bowie for sampling the bassline in the beginning of "Under Pressure"

    Maybe music companies should copyright the music and go after copyright violators, or take ad revenue. Maybe they could use the money to pay the production staff a lifetime royalty.

  9. I thought I was the only one who nerds out to these kinds of things. Go listen to Alkaline by Kota The Friend. 1 minute and 35 seconds in. You’re welcome.

  10. Fun Fact when David Wise was creating Bayou Boogie he said it wasn't a secret that he was trying to recreate the sound of the Roland that Phil Collins used for In the Air Tonight

  11. 6:00 Literally thought from the pixels "Hmm… that kinda looks like DragonForce". Legit blew my mind, but it's been one of my favorite bands for the last 18 years so I guess there's also that.

  12. Aside from One Winged Angel, Killah Cam also took a trip to Silent Hill, I think it was called Doesn't Even Matter, where he and Vado spit over SH4's Room of Angel. Wiz after leaving the Kingdom of Zeal would then go to Guardia Forest 600 BC and bring Rick Ross and Amber Rose with him for Never Been pt 2. It is also debated on if Fabolous and Bryson Tiller sampled SF2 on his Summer Shootouts mixtape. And last but not least the videogame sample OG, Mac-man by Beanie Sigel. Not only sampled Pac-Man but did an entire song themed around classic arcade games of the 80s.


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