Most Anticipated Games 2023



  1. Hello video game dunkey could you please make a video about pizza tower if you do I wil give you a big ole smooch on the cheek

  2. For fighting games with a good story, I’d like to see more like Demon Slayer Chronicles, followed the first season and Movie.

  3. silksong is actually coming out whaaatt??? I mean, i know i can trust my boi dunkey cuz like. Hes dunkey 🙂

  4. I’m glad he’s being positive about a lot of these games, because the amount of remakes mentioned in this video is a bit sad. I would love if we could get more new games from AAA companies

  5. upset daily dadish didn't make the cut until i realised daily dadish is most anticipated game for every day infinitely forever

  6. funny birds have a sword fight with their beaks ROFL is just a practice run for the game Dunkey really wants to put out – Animal Well

  7. It's actually amazing to see you not being all ironic and ahah funny about death stranding and handing out a more fleshed out opinion

  8. its been 6 years since odyssey, i just want a sequel or dlc with some more levels maybe 4 or 5 new levels with new enemys i would be so happy


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