5 Need For Speed games with one of the best storylines


Need For Speed is an iconic racing franchise that has immersed automotive lovers and arcade racing followers for years. There has been all kinds of NFS video games with a give attention to drifting, off-roading, time trials, and different events intertwined with cop chases. The standout titles are those with prominent storylines that add extra context to the races.

There are numerous Need For Speed video games with stories, characters, and cutscenes that motivate gamers to partake in all of the occasions they have to supply.

Note: This listing is subjective and solely displays the opinions of the author.

The Run, Payback, and three different amazing Need For Speed video games featuring great storylines

1) Need For Speed: The Run


Released in 2011, The Run has a meaty story and consists of sections where gamers can take control of Jack, the game’s protagonist. The story revolves around Jack, who has to repay his debt to the mob. To do so, he participates in a special race that starts in San Fransisco and ends in New York.

With frequent timers to escape from every city, gamers are immersed in The Run and really feel the urgency to get Jack to security. The game also options stunning backdrops, starting from the teeming evening lights of Las Vegas to the bustling city roads of Chicago.

2) Need For Speed Payback


Fans of Fast and Furious-style car heists and intense chases will admire the gameplay in Payback. Players step into the sneakers of Tyler, a competitive avenue racer in the fictional city of Fortune Valley, who will get betrayed by an underground racing group known as The House.

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The story then thrusts players into taking up particular delivery consignments of The House, robbing high-value hypercars, and rising to the top by winning occasions around the metropolis. The sport options tons of cutscenes and characters that add lots of context to the world, motivating players to partake in varied race occasions.

3) Need For Speed Heat


Heat offers a unique twist by letting players choose the time to race (day or night). Players can face lots of cops and police automobiles at night however can earn more money and status. Meanwhile, it is safe to drive through the day, but it supplies a standard earnings price.

The game pits players in opposition to corrupt cops Frank Mercer and Danny Shaw, who flip a blind eye to the illegal actions of fellow cops and extort cash from road racers. Players are aided by Ana and Lucas Rivera to face these corrupt cops and win street races. They may even customise their character with options to alter clothing, face presets, and equipment.

4) Need For Speed Unbound


Need For Speed Unbound is set in a fictional city called Lakeshore, and the story begins with the participant and their friend dropping all their cars in a theft. This sets the stage for them to stand up in the ranks and earn the lost cash. The Into The Spiderverse-style animation makes this game stand out from its predecessors.

This campaign also contains a small position by A$AP Rocky, and one can get an opportunity to drive his customized 1988 Mercedes Benz. The recreation comprises cop chases and other events that require gamers to attain factors by driving in type, smashing through objects, and finishing other quirky objectives.

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5) Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005)

after 10 years am lastly replaying nfs most wanted… https://t.co/IzXiNCfOVz

Released in 2005, Most Wanted is an iconic game on this franchise. It stylized full motion video (FMV) cutscenes, which added a singular appeal to racing video games of the time.

Coming contemporary off NFS Underground 1 and 2’s success, Most Wanted revitalized the arcade racing genre by introducing story components. Players must compete with 15 drivers who’re blacklisted by the Rockport Police Department. Each driver has a unique automobile, which is rewarded to the participant after they defeat them. The signature BMW M3 GTR GT continues to be most well-liked by fans of this basic recreation.

Adding storylines to racing video games has become the norm in recent years, as it adds to the immersion issue and gives new depth to the point-to-point races. EA’s efforts to introduce some mild story parts in nearly each NFS sport are commendable.

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