10 Most REALISTIC Graphics 😱 Games That *FLOPPED!* 😥


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In this video, I talk about 10 flopped games with realistic graphics. These games were praised highly for their graphics and real-looking open worlds but failed either commercially or critically.

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZyYwjNZ4ls

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  1. Ryse would have been amazing if the story was different and it was not as linear as it was. Also just quickly right and left clicking actually completes the mini game where you kill someone so it's just dumb at that point.

  2. Bhai
    New State tatti 💩 se to usake pitaji hai na play store par CALL OF DUTY Mobile jishke graphics bhi bahot achhe hai
    Love you bro

  3. Unity story is decent
    Arno's character development was very good
    Bugs are optimised
    Now it's considered one of the best AC game

  4. should also add Hogwarts Legacy in this too, it's a very beautiful looking game but its very repetitive, fights are boring and the voice acting is same as this video's i.e very monotonous and lacks life feel

  5. gone are the days when game used to be fun and intense at same time…even if they dint had much "REALISTIC" graphics….

  6. Bhai thumbnail me centre me Spider man ko kyu dala???

    Aur list me Amazing Spider Man 2 rakhna tha wo bhi acha tha graphics wise pr flop..

  7. I really enjoyed the order 1886. And i never understood the hate for it being short around 5 to 6 hrs. I finished RE3 remake in 4 hrs in my first playthrough at normal and then my 2nd playthrough in 3 hrs at highest difficulty but i never saw complaints about the game being short.
    Gameplay being boring or enjoying is subjective.
    And you listed AC unity, one of the best AC game, it is atleast better than todays rpg cloned AC games(origins, odyssey and valhala) . Sure there were bugs in the beginning but they were fixed eventually. When i played it (july 2016) i had a blast with it.


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