Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores – Announce Trailer | PS5 Games



  1. Очень красивая игра! Буду надеяться на появление русских субтитров

  2. It's really disappointing to have ps5 exclusivity for the expansion of a game already available for ps4, especially considering how inclusive this game has been so far. Fans have been waiting for this chapter a long while and knowing most won't be able to play it is really a slap to the face of a third of the fanbase. I will definetely not purchase a ps5 only for an expansion, considering how expensive and hard to get it is at the moment. It is really a shame for Sony.

  3. Did Gorilla finally include an option to make Aloy shut the F up? cant stand her constantly jabbering hints the whole game, ruins exploration completely

  4. My favourite game ever. Thanks for the hours of gameplay guerilla. And I want to say don't let the awards get the team down. You guys are amazing!

  5. I literally can't wait for April, lol. I love the Horizon series, definitely one of my favorite series by far.
    Also, such a beautiful trailer but then they decided to wake up a Horus…. Now I'm filled with anticipation and fear, haha


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